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2001-12-21 04:17:50 (UTC)

Oh my . . . An online journal!

So . . . I'm Fiona. I go to a prep chool in the North West.
It's one of the best in the country (even the best, if you
read certain reports), but it's relatively newly become so
reputed, and we try deperately to pretend we have roots.
It's sort of amusing how "threatening the good name of the
school" is a rule in the rule book which you can get
expelled for. My very existence is in violation of a major
school rule . . . How lovely!!
I listen to old school punk, excellent 60's, terrible 80's,
ska, and disney. Basically, I listen to the most drugged
out music of every era! There's a punk scene around where I
live, and I'm friends with some of the people. I'll refer
to them in here as the "townies". I like the idea behind
punk. I would have been a hippie, but I was born forty
years too late. (sigh) The hardships of life.
I also have my straight-edge friends- a bunch fromt he prep
school, but more from middle school who now go to the
public school- who I love to death.
That's my life. Isn't it wonderful?

Love and armadillos,