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2001-12-21 03:32:50 (UTC)

sleepy girl

I can't believe I'm still awake since yesterday. I didn't
mean to stay up all night, I knew I had my math final
today. When Josh called late to say he was back from the
ship I said I couldn't come over, my test was the next
morning. And I meant it, I was going to stay home, get some
sleep and rise early like a good girl. But I just started
itching to see him, you know how it goes.
He was so happy when I knocked on the door and surprised
him, it was sweet. We started joking around, he tried on
his military cammies and posed while I took pictures. God,
he looked good in those! It's the hat that makes the
uniform. Mmm.
Then he got nekkid and I took some more pictures, hehe. But
they weren't sexual, this is kind of weird but he wanted
them as something of an artist's reference. He's so good at
art. He even had me take pictures of both sides of his
hands. Hands are difficult to draw.
Of course, eventually one thing leads to another, and well,
ya know. It was sweet, I had my first orgasm (and my second)
with another person, instead of just by myself. Most guys
aren't very good at going down on girls, but he really took
his time and tried to figure out the responses my body made
to what he was doing, what I liked, what I didn't. It was
awesome to feel it with him there, like I was so much more
naked all of a sudden. To feel it with him touching me. He
knew when I did, I'm not vocal but you start to breathe
real hard and then your muscles get all tense, and then you
freeze in the throes of it with your eyes closed, like time
stops. It comes in waves, warm.
It was so cute, he was all proud of himself. I wanted to
make him feel that good. We had sex for the second time,
the first time it actually started to feel like sex for me.
Losing my virginity was just pain. It hurt more at the
beginning this time -I think your vagina tenses up after
you cum- but then it actually started to feel good. Next
time will be even better, I think.
I gave him (or tried) to give him a combination handjob/bj
later on but he would move his hips back and forth with it
so fast that I couldn't keep up. He ended up helping me
out, with both our hands on him, until he came all over his
chest while he was laying down. And did he ever. A lot, my
god. I found it somewhat shocking, and he even more so than
me, that he came so hard. It was amusing though. We laughed.
He cleaned himself up, and we lay close for awhile until I
decided I better get going because if I stayed in his arms
I was going to fall asleep. It was about five in the
Even more conducive to slumber was my math test a couple
hours later. I almost fell asleep about three times...too
many numbers in front of me. It took about three pieces of
nicorette before I perked up and was able to finish. I
didn't do horribly I don't think. But I didn't do that
Ah well. No more classes for three weeks, fuck yeah. And
I'm going to skydiving the day after tomorrow with Josh.
Neither of us have gone before. It freaks me out, but I'm
so excited.
I better go to bed now. Hopefully when I wake up I'll feel
more energetic. And look less frightful.