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sick of all the sh*t
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2001-04-08 02:32:06 (UTC)

Well today I went into work for..

Well today I went into work for a half day...the usual on
Saturdays...however this is my last week then I'm on
vacation..woo hoo...I should be more excited but Its hard
to be when I have so many other things on my mind...I was
hired for the job I interviewed for last week and they are
doing a background check which worries me (a little fibbibg
on the resume') and I will have a drug test(just smoked
Chronic with my ex the other night)So I'm a little
concerned,...trying not to worry about it too much yet
until I hear word..I hate my Job and pretty much everything
about my life at this given moment in time...The Prozac
doesn't seem to be helpping much...

So I still await anxiously to meet my mister right
hopefully before my HS 10 yr reunion this August...I'm not
going solo...I met the guy from OK that I haad been
emailing and talking to for over a month(he flew here last
weekend and stayed at my APT.)We did not hit it off...he
was 38 been in the military(Army) his whole life and was
wayyyyy to set in his ways and had no sense of humor!!!A
sense of humor is very important to me in a man...but hey I
have tyo say I am getting a little desperate here!!!!San
Diego just doesn't seem to be going well for me in the guy
arena as far as dating is concerned. Anyway I called my ex
boyfriend(different one..this one I broke up with 3 months
ago)the day after Kurt left(guy from the army)and asked him
if we would ever get back together..well he said no and he
wants to stay with his current girlfriend who 2 weeks ago
he said he couldn't stand and we slept together....oh my friend Natalie just stopped by so I
will write tomorrow....

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