humming bird

my F***ed up head
2001-12-21 03:06:18 (UTC)

too lucky

ok i havent written in a really long time and alot has
changed, first of all, nikki isnt going out with kyle megan
isnt going out with pat but frankie is still going out with
sami and that kid jason that i last wrote about and how he
wasnt talking to me, well it turned out that the reason he
wasnt talking to me was becuz he heard that i said that i
thought he liked me which was not true at all and yeah
whatever we made up and then me and him chilled one night
togehter and then the next day hank toatlly freaked out
about it and i couldnt take it anymore so i broke things
off with hank and he totally flipped out even more and was
all ph i am gonna beat jason's ass and me and jason were
dating for like 2 weex and now we r officially boyfriend
and girlfriend, lil odd considering the reason he went like
a month without talking to me, but whatever i am not gonna
say anything to screw it up, but yeah so hank was all oh
blah blah blah about kickin his ass becuz he blamed jason
for me breaking things off with him and then we all went to
this party one night and kristina fucked hank and the thing
was that iw asnt over hank i just broke things off becuz i
couldnt stand the fighting anymore and like they fucked
before me and jason were going out and so that kinda hurt a
lot but yeah and then krstina told kevin about it and
basically what happened was that kevin fucked becky to get
back at kristina for fucking hank who only fucked her to
get back at me..... OOPS? but yeah so whatever hank cant
even be friends with me becuz of everything i dont know why
tho he is all like oh well i cant stand the thought of u
with another guy and i am like hellpo u fucked my best
friend, i wasnt to happy bout that at least u dont have to
look at me or at him every fucking day and at least ur not
like best friends with him u dumbass hypocrit but whatever
and so yeah i am gong out with jason and he is so
sweet....and i got a 2 year old dalmation and i almost
burned down the house today and i am in sucj a good mood
and me and my friends got taolly blwon saturday night is
was so funny and then this saturday we r going to zero i
cannot wait u have no idea but yeah so i think that that is
my all my stories oh and jason got me this lil like stuffed
dalmation puppy and yeah just whatever oh and then KYLE
FUCKED JESSICA KLEIST... i am like sick u dirty dirty boy i
hope u scrub ur dick with some like super lufa thing and he
did it in the back of his grand am how the hell is that
even possible may i ask? i dont udnerstnad lol but yeah so
i am done now so buh bye, julie