lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2001-12-21 03:02:43 (UTC)

a highly significant dream

maybe. i'm not sure yet. i had this dream though, and it
had so many people & things & stuff plus i actually
remembered it, which means i am actually remembering to
write it down so yeah here it is. but the whole thing only
lasted about a minute.

i was with brittany and i guess we were students at biola,
and we'd been walking around campus, and then we went into
a classroom but not many people were there yet. so
brittany stayed there and talked to the teacher while i
left to pick up some laundry (?). i went and pulled out my
laundry, which happened to be a bunch of underwear plus my
new pair of dickies. i carried it all in my arms back into
the classroom, and the teacher had started his lecture (it
was mr. pate, my history teacher, for some reason). i
looked up and brittany was sitting in the second row with
joe next to her. there was a big space between them, and a
chair had been scooted out and was sitting between two
rows. i dumped my laundry near the back of my room, where
my dad was sitting. i went up to find a seat, and brittany
pointed to the awkward chair and said, "that's your seat"
but then joe scooted over so that there was room between
them & my chair could fit in. but right at that moment,
mr. pate said, "now i think we should rearrange things a
little." so everyone stood up and picked up their chairs.
and then i woke up.

analyze THAT.