Blood and Chocolate
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2001-12-21 02:48:30 (UTC)

The call: '..... and .... were in a car accident!'

Hey everyone
Whats up ? Not much here! I am so worried!OMG! I can't
even express how worried I am ! OK so here is the scoop! I
got home today around 5:00 to get a message from my dad
saying Red's mom called and to call her ASAP on her cell!
So I do but its busy and then I keep trying and after the
5th time I get threw! And she answers and she is crying!!!
And I was like 'omg Mom whats wrong?' and she said (and the
words keeping repeating in my head) ' Red and Mike were in
a car accident!' my heart must have stopped! I can't
believe it ! can it really be happening? She continued to
say mike is fine just a cut on his forehead! but Red was
thrown from the car has a sliced shoulder and 3 broken
ribs! He is up now and moving but has a major head ache and
side hurts majorly! from what she told me Mike was driving
home from school and along the back rode some 19 yr old
tore out of a parking lot and smashed into them!! I can't
believe it! I am so shocked and scared! I have to go!