2001-12-21 02:34:00 (UTC)

Christmas Hols are here!

That's a good thing I got going for me. Cassie's stalker
just won't quit the stupid jerk. He admits that he did it
and then he takes it back. How lame is that? Cassie's
working on the lawsuit so thats of the good. Very glad
about that! Got some presents today: a couple of cd's, GoF
on tape, a new ring, and HPatPoA. I have three presies
under the tree and I am dying of curiousity. I can't stop
shaking them! Really into Dragonfly in the Amber, want
to find out what Bree and her boy-toy (forgot his name)
think about Claire. Probably thinks she's nutters... Oh
well, got to read and find out... Gotta go.

Spike and Draco, two sexy blonds with attitude!