2001-12-21 02:24:42 (UTC)

5 days till Christmas!

Wow, it's amazing how Christmas just crept up on us like
that. Seems like it was just here, not like it's been a
year. We are leaving Saturday at seven a.m. to go to
Savannah. I have mixed emotions about that. I mean, I
like going there and I don't. There are certain parts that
I wish I could just cut out entirely. Some things about my
family make me so uncomfortable.
I keep thinking about, a lot. I miss him so
much. I wish we could be together, but he probably doesn't
like me like that. And that is probably for the best
because my family wouldn't accept us anyway. I just hope
that we get a chance to do what we did again. That would
be soo amazing. This time I know I would go all the way,
not just stop at fooling around. Gotta roll with the
punches and take every opportunity ya get to live it up,
right? That's my it up and screw the hatas!
Well, I will write again soon. ~~Beth~~

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