between love and hate

there is a thin line
2001-04-08 02:16:50 (UTC)

dead beet dad

my father just called.........
and his story isnt straight.said my 13 year
old half sister is comming to see him on a
and her mother doesnt know it!how can she get
a ticket ? and said she wrote him a letter
telling him that she was mad because he walked
out on her when she was a baby,why doesnt he
call her.why didnt he send b-day presents,why
didnt he try to keep contact with her.he
wanted sympathy,from me i think!but he did the
same thing to me and my mother...he did to her
and her mother as mother told me he
went to get ice cream and never came back.
i didt meet him untill i was 16,or just befor
my 16th b-day.....he is an alcoholic,womanising
fool.has been that way all is half
sisters name ia selina and iam not sure what
to think about that.i can relate to what she is going
threw.and i feel her pain.iam 34 and married
and have a life of my own now and a mind of my own.
i know i watched my mother struggle while i was growing
up and she made a lot of sacrafices for me....
and i have a lot of untold resenment for my father
he never payed child support to her........
he sais he did but i dont think mother sais
he didnt.see she has never said one thing bad a bout him
she never bad mouthed him at all was all his
choice,if he wanted to see me he could,because i can
remember her calling him on the phone when i was younge
telling him he should see his daughter.........and i
feel for selena.i know she feels the same way i did and
still do!and she doesnt understand i dont think.
i know i didnt and still dont understand how a man
can have a child and not care and go so long and not be
involved with the child one way or another.i just dont
get it. selena has not seen our dad in 12 years and i
have not seen him in 4 and iam not sure if i can be any
help to her.........i most definently wont help my father
because he feels guilty for skipping out on her,he
skipped out on me too..he wants me to meet her. if and
when she comes ,what do i say .he doesnt even know what
i feel towards him and all i have to say, is what he did
hurt me so i know what selena must feel.and i have no
sympathy to him he chose what he wanted and now wants me
to paint this wonderful picture for her and i cant...i
wont protect him...i feel he deserves what he gets...
soon ill write the story of the day we met.and some
stories of some events that accured durring that part of
my life.when i was 15 and all through my teen years
untill then the saga ends and www------- will return!

hey if anybody is reading this about some feed
back!!!!no one ever sends feed back but beth!!!!!