Tinker Bell's daily amount of goofy
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2001-12-21 02:21:44 (UTC)

Pocket monsters.

I went to my friend F's today. She left uni, coz she didn't
like our career that much. She's on status quo now, but
she's doin' fine. It's been some time since we last saw
each other! She had my Marmalade Boy art book, and my Best
Anime Song Coll. 1996 CD, AND my Nilsson CD. So I had very
strong reasons to go there ;)
Boy, did I almost regreted it. I mean, first we were
alone, and we could talk as we normally do, but then her 2
little sisters appeared and they were such monsters!! man,
and they wouldn't leave me alone! The little one was cute
enough to put her in your pocket, but she ADORED me and she
just wouldn't let me breathe!!! She was trying to sit on my
lap all the time, and I was beginning to feel quite uneasy
(I hate little kids, ya know ;). But I did my best to be
patient. Then, they asked me to tell them horror
stories 'what?'...'I- I dunno any horror stories'. So I
told 'em every real life ghost story I could think of, and
then they asked for more (but they wanted really gorey
stories, I swear! Even I was disgusted with their
stories...yuck!); so I told 'em about some war novels I
read, and tortures, and every nasty thing I could think
about.....coward little buggers, they'd jump and hug me
(tight, I tell you, they were trying to choke me to death,
I swear!) at every little noise from the street...I took
advantage of that, so I blinked to my friend, to make her
understand that this was gonna be a joke, and I told 'em
that I had heard someone trying to force their front door
open. Man, were they ever scared!! I laughed a lot. Yes, I
like to scare little kids. My life used to be empty...but
now I have a hobby...^^