Tinker Bell's daily amount of goofy
2001-12-21 02:11:16 (UTC)

"I was 'malled' again..."

After my misadventures at the church, I went back to the
mall, coz I needed a couple of extra things for mom's and
dad's presents. I know I said I bought dad a CD, but I
wanted to add a little extra, and since he likes cats as
much as I do (well, at least OUR cat...who's so adorable
BTW...;), I looked for cat figures or a clock or something.
I found a set of 3 wooden striped cats, one small, then
medium, then large. They weren't expensive, so I got 'em.
They're so cute. I hope he likes 'em.
I added more spanish candies for mom's present. Yummy.
I bought 'truffled bomboms'...hmm...interesting.
I also bought one present for JP and one for his
girlfriend K, coz they've both been way nice to me this
year; they even got me b-day presents, even though they
couldn't come to my b-day party!
So, since JP likes Star Wars, I went to a toy store.
They've been clearing out all Star Wars toys all year long,
so I bought him something quite cool, without spending much
I didn't know what to give K; I just thought I'd buy
something cute for her. So I went to a Hallmark store, and
I looked around like 10 minutes, and I found lots of things
for her, but I couldn't decide on anything. But then one of
the girls who worked there was unpacking a box of Winnie
the Pooh pencil cases, which had the cutest Pooh plush head
coming out of the pencil case. I didn't think it twice, so
I bought it.
Then, since they both like chocolate truffles so much, I
opened the bag of bombons, and added some to their
packages. The rest of the bombons are on mom's present now.

I wish I had a credit card, so then I would get super cool
stuff on the internet, to give as presents...but in order
to have a credit card, I should have a job first...no way.

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