Lenore the fool

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2001-12-21 01:50:52 (UTC)

Life sucks don't it.

Well hello there. My name is Lenore. Well not really but
that's what you guys can call me. If you care enough to find
out me real name you can ask and I will answer. I've been
having a hard time recently and decided that venting online
might help me out. My problems are sort of lame but they are
a big deal to me so if you comment please be respectful.

My latest problem: I recently have found a guy that I
really like. And I like him for who he is and not because I
want to help or fix him. He is nice and sweet but has a bad/
rebelous streak which I really like. He's good bad not evil.
There however is the one big problem. He is my ex-
boyfriend's best friend. Which in theory wouldn't be so bad
except that my ex-boyfriend is still in love with me. Soap-
opera enough for you? Well I don't even know what Trevor,
the guy I like, thinks of me. I met him only recently at my
boyfriend's christmas party. I just want a chance with him.
But I know that will never happen because my ex doesn't want
us to go out so his best friend won't betray him even if he
does like me. I mean I just want a chance to actually finds
someone who I truely love because I love them and that they
love me for me. Is that unfair to ask for? Just to ask for a
chance at that? I don't think so. I wish my ex would just
forget about me. I know I'm not great I know I'm not
attractive so why is he still in love with me? I wish he'd
just let life run it's course. I don't want to hurt him and
I don't want to hurt their friendship. But I do want to for
once in my life at least try to be happy.

Thanks for listening
Lenore *

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