I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2001-12-21 01:23:05 (UTC)

Bah Humbug

I'm not ready for Christmas. I should be putting my hard
earned money towards other things. Like books. *sigh* I
mean, everyone is home, and there's good food and great
music, etc., but I'm just overwhelmed. So, to make up for
it, I went out today and bought a whole bunch of CDs for
myself. Nobody else, just me. Kinda selfish, I know, but
too damn bad. My friends are home, and that's cool.
However, I'm leaving on a trip the day after Christmas.
With the fam. I am going alone (read: without a friend) and
everyone else has a pal, but at least I get a room to
myself. I pray for no sunburn. I should be finding suitable
employment. But I am required to go. I mean, I'll have fun
and all, I'm sure, but I am tired. Very tired. I just want
to sleep and be alone. It's hard to be alone in the middle
of the ocean with your family on a 60' boat. Bah. pffft. Oh
well, what can I do? Nada.

Nikki is home. That's great. She knows all the right things
to tell me. Like the fact that I'm not a slut. I think
she's the only person who knows absolutely everything about
me. Well, if someone has to know, I'm glad it's her.

Okay, time to make dessert. Hasta.