Unixy J. Nightshade

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2001-12-21 01:22:13 (UTC)

Lip sewing sounds like a damn good idea.

I have a freind who WON'T SHUT UP at times. He htinks his
idea is the lateist greatist idea ever to me thought it.
And gods help you if you think of something else or
better. He will keep pesterng you about this idea of his.
Over and over and over he will talk about. He will update
it and modifiy it and talk and talk and talk until finally
you just want to scream and go with the idea. I wish I
knew why I was even freinds with him. He didn't used to be
this way wonder what changed him. Only real reason I come
over is to hang out with my best freind who was forced to
live with him. I got myself one hell of a sinus infetion
too just in time for X-mas. I fucking hate the holidays.
GODS I WISH HED SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! He will also talk
about people who arn't worth the breath he wastes on them.
Old freinds who backstabbed him and others. Gods hes
annoying as all hell. We took him to see LOTR thinking hed
have something new to talk about but the little hamster
inside his breain just keeps tripping up. His hygene is
atrotious as well. Read my other entry on him
entitled "Why am I here?". I need to get laid or
drunk...mabey both I don;t care anymore.

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