in case i forget
2001-12-21 01:15:40 (UTC)

on people and the crap they put themselves through

hey- you know who you are.

what the hell are you doing?

you're "not taking any risks right now?" you're "not

well, pardon me, i didn't realize that this required

and as for not taking any risks on anyone, seems to me like
you're taking a pretty fucking big risk as it is. because
it looks like this boy is something close to being in love
with you. and putting your melodrama and your issues before
a person who thinks you're the fucking be-all and end-all
of human existence seems to me like a pretty big risk.
because how do you know that this isn't exactly what you
should be doing right now?

i don't know very much about love, and i don't know very
much about people either, but i am the resident fucking
expert here on lost chances, and do me a favor and don't
tell me that you don't think that love is real and that
life isn't worth living - tell it to him.

every single one of us would be here for you if you'd stop
taking yourself so goddamn seriously. you want to die-
fine. but do it on your own time and don't drag down the
people stupid enough to still think you're worth caring
about. you're intelligent enough to know that things don't
always work out; you've figured out that a lot of people do
suck, and you told me twice a day last spring that there
still is a lot of beauty out there.

well fucking take your own advice.

no more of this artistic suffering crap. if life is so
short and so meaningless, then why waste it? if nothing you
do "will ever matter" then why the hell are you so scared
of consequences?


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