Thoughts and happenings
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2001-12-21 00:55:20 (UTC)

I wonder...;-sigh-.;......oh, I am so in love

Today was a really fun day (so was yesterday). Today my
friends Aaron, and Kandi and I asked our math sub. if we
could leave wo work on projects, but we really went and got
Aaron's pay check and got Starbucks coffee.

I can't believe it's almost Christmas. I love the holiday
season. And the retreat with the youth group, next week
will be so fun!!

On Sunday I sat close to Reggie but not next to him. I guess he
thought about me telling him I liked him, hopefully they were good

I wonder if Reggie ever really thinks about me. I wonder if I will
see him tonight (my band concert is at our church tonight).
I want to see him. -sigh- I want to look in his eyes and
tell him all I am feeling...oh, I am so in love.

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