The Story of Me
2001-12-21 00:53:41 (UTC)


Well here I am. I spend enough time on this computer, I
figure I might as well do something useful, if not for the
greater good of mankind, for my own sanity. hehehe

Yesterday I turned 25. Jeesus. Yesterday I was 19 and
actually had a life to write about. Today I am 25, and
boring. From what I see anyway. I am still wondering what
in the hell to do with my life. Sad considering it's 1/4
over. But to my credit I have to say it has been one heck
of a ride!:) In my life I have seen thousands of miles on
the road, in the air and still I have unrest. I have come a
long way in the last year or so personally, but still find
myself unhappy with many aspects of life. I don't suspect
that makes me any different than anyone else out there.
Today I just find myself wishing for someone to take my hand
and say, "Here, this is what you were meant to do... go for

Nothing like starting on a happy note eh? *laughing at
myself* Maybe I should put away the Monster Ballads of my
youth and listen to something from this decade?! *more
laughing* God bless hair bands and their ability to forever
make us feel young, reckless and stupid:) I sit here and
think back to WAY too many Friday nights spent at the local
roller rink praying for God to make my monsterous ass
disappear so my heart-throb would ask me to skate. Lord I
wanted to bitch-slap the girl that had him and didn't have
the good sense to take care of him. Funny...*not funny-ha
ha, but funny-peculiar* how often I forget that in my own
life with my husband. Some days I am a good wife, a damn
good wife. And some days I have way too many issues on my
"selfish plate" and forget that sometimes there are women
watching me with him, and wanting to bitch-slap me for not
having the good sense to take care of what I've got.
*taking a moment to drag off my Marlboro and wonder, "Who in
the hell is going to read this shit?" Ahhh, who cares? lol
Maybe the friends I have invited to this site. Ones that I
don't call or see often enough might actually have a link to
my life other than on Mondays not worked or scheduled nights
out where we accidentally end up at Augie's. Jeesus, strip
clubs are nasty but hella fun! LOL

Ugh, my mother just called me. Speaking of nasty... LMAO!
I have one of those mothers that would die without drama.
Oh, and nothing, ever, EVER, is her fault. Maybe that's
where I get the incessant need to always be right....? LOL

Well, I can't disclose everything on my first day otherwise
I'll lose "that magic." *gigglin* I need to keep a few