Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
2001-12-21 00:31:38 (UTC)

So...where was I...oh yeah..

So...where was I...oh yeah David was over at my house
dureing my last entry and all I have to say is that girls
can be coniving bitches! Lauren was all over David when he
was over...and not that I blame him but yeah he was
flirting I mean that put me in a bad mood. Then
after everyone left my mom came to get us a Christmas
tree. It all started out ok until she began acting crazy
and embarrassing. Once we got the tree and were back in
the car she was really staring to piss me I lit up
right in front of her! Oh couse she made me through it
out....I mean I know she wasn't ready for that....then my
brother started aggrivating her and she pulled over and
made him get out. She started crying cause she couldn't
find him and I was just blank. I felt like nothing was
going on. I was just there. So she took me to Danny's so
that she could go back and find Kent. After a couple of
hours I got a call that he had been found and that all of
the police were leaving. He walked from Butler Ford all
the way to the street before mine! Damn! That is a long
ass way! But, before that call I was crying first to Danny
and then to Clark.
Then, we began to watch a movie. And Clark and I were
lying on the couch together and he was just comforting
me....well this royally pissed Danny off! So today be was
all mad at Clark...I havn't talked to him yet and I don't
know if I want to cause I don't want to make him think that
there was someting going on that night.
I'll finish this later.