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2001-12-21 00:24:27 (UTC)

Another Day

I was woken up this morning by Jerry, but with good news
and bad news. The good news was that he is FINALLY getting
the interview for this new job, which he needs in order to
stay here in NC. The bad news is that he is leaving
earlier to go to PA. I don't want him to go, but he needs
to spend time with his family. I guess I can live without
him for a week. :( Danny called again today and wanted to
go out but I didn't go. I kinda feel weird being around
him now because I think he wants more than friendship even
though I have told him over and over again that it won't
happen. I didn't do to much today, hung out with Jerry and
almost got caught doing naughty things by my mom!! :O That
was some scary stuff. We went to eat at the mall and now
I'm home chillin. My mom wants me to shave her legs for
her because she can't with her hurt back.....mixed emotions
on that LOL. I guess I will have to though, she would do
it for me. I'll write more later. PEACE

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