Green Dolphin

Green Dolphin
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2001-12-21 00:17:46 (UTC)


waiting for God to come rescue me from this mess i have
made. sinking so deep, i am so lost in this mess. i only
came here because i didn't want to go home and be ignored.
now i lie on a couch and marinate in a growing melancholy.
this house throbs with sadness when i am here. i reek of
it aw i walk down the street. cars go by my window at
night. so many cars. where are they all going? where are
they from? cars look so mean. i want to stay inside
untill the sun comes out and makes the cars pretty again.
at night, cars chase me and eat me because they want me
gone. they are jealous of me and all i want in my heart.
I want so much. i want to be happy, and i want to not
remember anything. ignorance is bliss. to be happy in the
truth you must walk a thin line, a straight and narrow path
and always hold to the rod. i am not ready to do that
yet. i am not ready to give up my blissful ignorance. i
tried, but i just can't do it.
Why does my arm hurt? my arm really hurts and that man
is stinky. i will live tommorow. i was dead today, but i
will live tommorow.

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