Sanity Online
2001-12-21 00:04:34 (UTC)

broken hearts and cell phones

So the creep broke up with me. Can you believe it? My
Prince Charming turned out to be a creep who is itching to
screw half of Metro. Can't commit, my ass. He just can't
commit his dick to one girl. Wow, I'm bitter. I haven't
really shown it, so I need to let it all out. When I've
talked to him I've been nothing but nice. I can't believe
he called last night and got mad b/c I hadn't called him.
Geez, think about it asshole. THEN some stupid bitch calls
and wants to talk to me, claiming she's his new gf.
Whatever...I don't need those immature pranks. He's part
of a no-good crowd. So you know what...next Saturday I'm
showing up at Metro with all the girls and we're getting
down and dirty and I'm going to show him exactly how upset
I am. I'm going to flirt like I used to and show him what
he's missing. Oh well. Isn't life great. Well I'm going
plan a good night out with the old gang. Here's to screw
Michelle, screw Michael, screw everything wrong with my
life. Cheers.