An Angel..Misguided

Diary of a Sinner
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2001-12-20 23:48:56 (UTC)

All about me....ZZzzZZ!

Hey everyone! i am Sammie, in case you didnt notice, and i live in Daphne, Alabama. Small place! I am a born-again christian, which i
guess means im babtized twice. You wouldn't know it by the way i talk though. I used to live in Indiana, with my Mom, but i moved in
with my Dad 3 monthes before we moved here, when i was 12. I have a disease called ADD, and they dont know i have it here, i was
treated for it back home, so my Dad didnt think i needed to let anyone know here. So mostly i get really bad grades, and low marks in
class. Which is ok, i think. But my Dad says D's and C's aren't eceptable. Whatever. I've only liked 2 guys in my whole lifetime. Even
though I've went out with a lot of guys, i only really liked 2. Peter, and Blake. They both go to my school now too. Speaking of my
school, would you like to hear about the people there? Great....! One of my very best friends, just told me he was bi, which i s
awesome i think, that a person can actually admit that to himself, much less to me. Chrissy, Chrissy, Chrissy. She trys, she really
does. But, you see, she's friends with a guy, and sits with him everyday on the bus, and one day she decides to sit with me, cool
right? Wrong, she starts talking about that guy, like he's some kind of freak. I would never do that! Friendship is important to me. It's
basically the only thing in my life that isnt fucked up, sorry bout the language, but i told you! Nathalie, well, she isn't my friend really. I
love her like a sister, and all, but she's do i put it? I dont know, Nathalie is Nathalie, point blank. Peter! This is my favorite
subject. Now the story with Peter and Me is that, we were at a dance together, and he is friends with Devon, one of my closest friends
I thought he was cute, so one of my other friends Steven, told him. And Peter said he wanted to go out with me, so i went with him for
4 days. Then my Dad found out. I had to dump him, I've liked him ever since! And then he went out with Vandie, and now he likes
Madison. Stupid Bitches, sorry again. But thats my story with Peter, more to come on him, im sure. Megan, she is the most
awesome Girl i have met by far! Most of the stupid "Punk" 8th graders are really preps, like Lauren Griffen, ugh! She annoys me so
much! All those girls hang out with Brittany Burchfield, she is such a bitch, omg! I cant stand her! Anyways, since you all kow you
find my life so very interesting, tune in tomorrow! New episode, hope ya likes! Im out... Punk Princess