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2001-12-20 23:44:52 (UTC)

on quantum leaps and mr. bob

so i've been thinking a lot about this guy i know, who, for
privacy's sake, we'll refer to as Mr. Bob.

Mr. Bob is me, basically. we're the same person. and i
don't mean that in some ridiculous over-dramatized, bad-
poetry, way. i mean it in that we finish each others'
sentences and all i have to do is look at this guy and i
just feel good. keep in mind that it's me, and that
as a rule, i'm not a big fan of most people because ninety
nine percent of them end up being fake and silly and they
take themselves too seriously and if i let them bother me
they'll inevitably treat me like so much crapola.


he's one of those people who is friends with everyone and
who everyone loves and he's good looking and
friendly and all that which attracts the mediocrity. and
whenever he's with me we have a wonderful time i know, but
whenever he's not with he's fine too, because he's just one
of those people who aren't all here- you know? they're just
kind of the beautiful ones who stop by every once in a
while and don't need any of us.

the question: i'm not really sure.

i don't know if i want to hop on the romance train. i don't
know if any of you guys listen to weezer, but anyone with
the first cd (the blue one) and have heard the second track-
it's that situation. it's more a function of me just
wanting this guy all to myself.

so what should i do?

i don't know if i'm like him - i don't think so. but on the
other hand, i know that i'm not the other kind of person,
the silly one. god, i sound so full of myself.

i feel comfortable around him, though. i don't feel
comfortable around more than maybe five people on the
planet. and we'll be talking and i'll snap down for a
moment and realize that we're holding hands and our heads
and bent towards each other and our foreheads are
touching and an hour has passed. where it went is unclear,
because i honestly couldn't tell you what went on.

how many people do you know where your conversations
are quantum leaps?

a quantum leap is basically where matter disappears and
reappears in another place. you can't have time without
movement, and vice versa, but here you've got instantaneous
movement, and i guess therefore instant time. time
compressed into nothing. eternity in a heartbeat. and as
for quantum leaps, electrons do it all the time, so why
can't i?

so more on that laterÂ… font

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