even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-12-20 23:37:37 (UTC)

why are they in my head.. why?

that damned chritsmas music.. bahhh... ahh now steve miller
band.. ahhhh.... so.. today we spanish and math.. btoh hard
but i think i did ok on both, we had a half and alex and i
went to salavtion army and also the book store, and it was
like back in the day and it was nice... we talked to this
jewish guy in the book store baout being jewish.. he grew
up jewish in galveston and speaks was
interesting,but it hink he had an infirority complex...
so.. poo on him... but alex and i went to salvation army ti
was liek the good old days and it was fun.. ive hung ou
with alex teh last two days and its been really fun... yea
well da and joslin are ont heir way it hink.. we;'re gonna
go eat which is good, cau seim hungry, more on today
later.. also today.. hehe...