2001-12-20 23:19:17 (UTC)

fuck you.

things are different today.
for me.
i can feel it.
i feel different.

passed a law prohibiting the sale of pipes


i think that means i need a new job...quickly.

laws are stupid.
yes. make shit illegal because you know of COURSE when its
illegal NO ONE fucking does it.
yeah people running my fucking life.
arent you the smart ones.
especially considering all of the money that this country
could be making from taxing stuff thats already fucking here
hmmm yeah could be a great way to get rid of that huge
fucking debt we have
although taxes are rising and rising
but what exactly are they spending our money on i wonder.
confetti for parades.
people piss me off.
and people ask me why i dont like people
why im so fucking judgemental
its because people are fucking stupid and theyre fuckgin
and id rather assume the worst
and be surprised
than assume the best
and be let down.

because fucking
that THAT is what i am THE most fucking sick of in ALL the
i am sick of being fucking let down man.
i am.
i fucking am.

because you know i DO assume the worst
and that way when i AM let down
it means that i was let down by someone i didnt think would.

im going to go smoke a cigarette.
before they fucking make that illegal too.