bluff before i

my life, my world, my mind, my soul
2001-12-20 22:51:02 (UTC)

85 + 90 = B

just served a detention but i'm still here at school
waiting for my best friend kat to get out of class...she
said she could take me home...

my english teacher wasn't here today...i've been waiting to
get my grade for the big senior project paper...but he
wasn't there...i didn't realize how impatiant others
were...they saw the stack of papers on a chair in the front
of the room...they asked the substitute if he was going to
pass out the papers...he told them no so everyone then
started to go through the papers...i was kinda scared for
them at first and i thought they were dumb for doing
it...but then i grew eager to know my own score...i looked
through the names quickly when they were going through the
stack...and i saw it name in black print...not
my own writing but the judge who read my paper...i told the
girl holding the stack that i saw my paper and she handed
me the stack that she had already gone through...i found my
score sheet in the middle of the stack...

i read my score...

i wanted to cry...

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