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2001-12-20 22:46:51 (UTC)


Looking back I wouldn't change anything
But if i could go back
It would all be changed
I would do so many things different...
But is too late to be thinking about that now.
I have go out and live now
Its crazy. Me and Kevin broke up/ aka: he dumped me last
night. I thought that we could just start over and do
things differently while still going out, but he doesn't
think so, which makes me think theres gotta be somebody
else, but i guess i really dont know. I feel like we jsut
have such a bond together, and I dont know if its a
friendship bond, or more. Maybe thats where i got screwed
up. Because as much as I tried not to, I screwed up the
relationship with kevin, and i just couldn't make him happy
enough. We are so different. But so are all of his friends.
And it could be so good, and so interesting if we could
both just understand eachother better. But enough looking
back on things. We are just good friends now, and theres no
use in looking back. I guess I'll jsut have to be moving on
(thats what everybody is telling me and i guess the only
thing TO do) But I can do it if i set my mind to it. ~Sigh~
I'm going shopping with Eric, Mere, and Lexie now. God you
gotta love those guys! A very special shout out to Mary! I
love you sooo much and I will always, because no matter how
much stuff I am ever going through, you never let me forget
what a beautiful and wonderful person I am... and you can
always make me feel special! Have a great night! I'll be @
the Christmas party til late, but i'll talk again prolly
when i get home!