my life (as told by me)
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2001-12-20 22:03:20 (UTC)

good day...sort of

well ok, today was so much better than yesterday was. i
actually had fun. lol. i got a barbie from brittany! :) and
one of the bestest cd's in the world. when i opened it, i
spazed out cuz i wanted it sooooo bad. the whole cd is good
too. and heather gave me this wicked cool horse that bobs
it's head up and down...which we took off and put the
vibrating monkey in place of it's head....and lotion that
smells sooooo good. i wanna eat it. lol. and elise gave me
this wicked cool snap bracelet that is so much fun to play
with, a horsey key chain, and kisses! lmao. i was handing
out free kisses in band. it was fun. and my barbie, well
she's weird...she's got a flat chest, huge hips, and a HUGE
ASS. and you'll never guess who she reminds me of....ME!
lol....anyways...almost failed my math test which i THOUGHT
i did good on. god blessed math. i hate it. if i could drop
it i would. i think i might........................that
kinda fucked up my day. but playing w/ the duckies was fun.
fishy fishy fishy. lmao. OMG I ATE A LOT TODAY. all that
not eating is finally catching up with me. i pigged out
today in health class cuz we had a party, and i ate a lot
when i got home...i think i'm getting better, but sleep
still isnt happening for me. i'm dead tired at the moment,
and having trouble typing this. but no one cares. haha. hm
what else. oh ya, heather and kim are comin over later so
we can watch the faculty...heather insists i have to watch
it. lmao. i want to see it now. and tm, it's the big day!
LORD OF THE RINGS! lmao. and's gonna be the
best day of my life, literally. i've been wanting this
since i was, um, 5 years old. i fell in love, and now my
dream is coming true...i get to see the phantom of the
opera. the music is i'm hoping it will be
awesome. i'm prolly gonna cry when i see it during this one
song that i love so much. um, enough for now. it's LONG
once again. lol. happy me....well almost....i'm still
confused on someone.

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