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2001-12-20 21:49:12 (UTC)

fighting again

well it's been a while since i've written. this saturday i
have another concert at the mall. this time it's for
chorus so i don't have to worry about wearing a hot pink
poodle skirt like last week. i have a solo also. i hope i
do well because i invited jason and he said he would
probably come. still i haven't really done anything to
move our relationship to a higher level. i don't know if
he quite likes me like that so i'll bid my time untill i'm
positive that he wants to go out with me then i'll try to
make a move. i'm still trying to settle down from school
today. robynn and amy got into a fight again. i wasn't
there to see how it started but when i cme into the locker
bay amy was in the process of slamming robynn's head into a
locker. instead of the locker robynn hit me because i
stepped in the way. i slapped them both. they couldn't
believe it because i rarely get in the middle of a fight,
but this has gone too far. i bitched quite a bit at them.
i told them that if they kept up this fighting shit they
were going to be less one friend. that got their
attention. i explained how even they didn't try to they
were hurting me more than each other. by the end of my
long talk of how they were acting horribly silent tears
were dripping down all our faces. it seemed like it lasted
forever but it was only about 5 minutes. they finaaly made-
up and they apologized to me. this is the second time
they've done this. they were like this all last year.
just another normal day at my school.

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