My Life to Live
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2001-12-20 21:48:03 (UTC)


Oh my gosh I thought that the finals were gonna be so hard,
but the reviews were harder than the exam its self!!! I
totally wasnt ready for that. LOL! Anyways a girl on my
basketball team broke her finger so it looks like im gonna
get to play more.(i hope anyways) Well I planned on going
to the movies with this really great guy but I havent
talked to him so it looks like its just gonna be me and my
two best friends and their boyfriends!!! thats gonna be
fun....Right? anyways I had a pretty good day basketbal
practice was fun I sucked up my shooting but what can you
do some days you just suck!!! I only have two finals left
geometry and english I hope I pass I dont want to have to
not play basketball but still practice, that would really
bite!!!oh well i guess Ill find out after christmas. im
gonna go cuz my honey aint online and I have stuff to do
maybe ill write later. Bye