The Life And Times of Kara
2001-12-20 21:42:35 (UTC)

Ah...Christmas Time...

Christmas Time...A time for giving, sharing, being with
friends and family...and getting into college? Yes kids,
that's right, I, Kara Katrine Tribley, got into Bowling
Green! Not a big deal, you might think. But it is a big
deal for me. I have wanted to go there for a long time and
now I am. Now, I just have to get into the musical school.
But, in a way, I am kinda sad. I mean, I will miss my
friends and all, but now I can meet new ones! I will just
have to make the next 8 months a special as I can. You
know, spend a lot of time with all my friends, enjoy my
senior year, find me a man...sorry I am just kinda still
looking for a man. C'mon...someone who knows me is bound to
read this, so if you know someone who loves me and is
willing to love me then let me know for crying out loud!
There are a few guys that I am hoping like me more than
just being my friend, but even if they don't I will still
be their friend because friends are just as good. Did that
make any sense? So there it to you all soon.