Reality Bites
2001-12-20 19:19:43 (UTC)

Aint it funny...

Well I had a 2 day week, we got out Tuesday, and that was
great news for all. I had lots of presents for everyone...2
huge GAP bags full. Jesse by far was my favorite gift to
give...I'll get into it in a second. First of all, he's
been was responsive and inniciative lately, like we took a
really cute pic together...where he put his arm around I know it sounds like not a big deal, but for Jes,
its a MAJOR thing...then the pic was so cute I gave it to
him, and told me last night, "I put the picture of us in my
locker and everyone came by and saw it and thought it was
really cute!" I was like cute! and I left it at
that just because I didn't want to push it and make it all
awkward. Jes his gift...I left it on his
desk in class and was just talking to people to avoid the
awkward "gift giving" situation I thought would happen, you
Me: Here Jes, I got this for you *Hand the gift to him*
Him: Oh! Thanks! thanks! I uh have yours at home!
Me: No, you dont have to give me anything!
Him: no no...I do...half reaches out for a hug

That in my opinion is what someone who wants to be thanked
does, and it would have made him very uncomfortable..and me
too, so by leaving it there it gave him the oppertunity to
get together what he wanted to say...if anything, and shit
without me standing over him...looking longly for, so yes I left it on his desk and went about my
socializing...then I heard my name so I turned around and
he was like coming at me with his arms he's like
thank you so much! I honestly didn't bring yours cause I
knew I'd see you durring break.. *hug* Omg, I was
embarrased, but it was so cool! So yea..Things are
progressing cooly...I'm just not expecting anything and
being patient with him.

Yesterday I went to work and then my friend Lori picked me
up and we chilled @ her house..she's a grade ahead of me,
and she's like the most popular girl in her class, she's
gorgous, athletic, and just really sweet...or she can be to
those she likes lol. She's like a sister to me, we grew up
together. So we chilled @ her house and then went for a
run...4 miles...I was so hurting after it! So we went back
to her casa and fell asleep...I woke up to her hot brother
greeting me...I was so out of it! I havent seen him in
awhile...he's majorly hot..then i came home and worked on
Lyss's x-mas fun...I'm gonna go shower...Lates

"Sometimes I think that a true love can never be
I just believe that somehow it wasnt meant for me
Life can be cruel in a way that I cant explain
And I dont think that I could face it again
I barely know you but somehow I know what youre about
A deeper love I found in you,and I no longer doubt
Youve toched my heart and it altered every plan Ive made
And now I feel that I dont have to be afraid
I locked away my heart
But you just set it free
Emotions I felt
Held me back from what my life should be
I pushed you far away
And you stayed with me
I guess this means
That you and me were meant to be"-Aint It Funny