how to speak AUSTRALIAN
2001-12-20 19:19:16 (UTC)

Lesson #2: \ "give us a Coldie, mate"

A Coldie is a beer, plain and simple. More specifically,
however, it is a beer in a bottle, for a beer in a can is a
tinnie, and a beer in a glass could be either a pot, a
schooner, a middie or any number of terms.

The names vary from state to state.

The need to throw down a coldie, or sink a tinny, however,
does not change. It does not vary. It is an ever-fixed
mark. It does not alter when alteration finds. And a well
earned thirst needs a big cold beer, and the best cold beer
is Vic. Vic Bitter. Victoria Bitter, known and loved
throughout the land as VB. We dring it from coast to coast,
though predominantly in the south. Is is as ubiquitous to
Australia, whether in the 375 coldie or the big 750ml, as
Budweiser is to Americans. it is, however, and in contrast,

God would have you drink a VB.


"Damn I could go a coldie..."

Tomorrow's Lesson: "Bugger Me!"