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2001-12-20 19:14:44 (UTC)

meant for a friend...

dear alena,

thanks for the letter you gave gave me something to
do...i'm glad you enjoyed the band yesterday. i thought
that you did a good job last night and i think that it's
completely okay for you to be proud of yourself about your
performance because i'm sure any one would feel the same way
about it too...

i'm happy for you about your new boyfriend and i'm
glad that you're happy that you have someone who goes to
the same school...if it's better for you i'm glad that
you're happy...i guess that we're a little different
because i know that i can make my relationship last with
jeremy even though we don't go to the same school and i
completely trust him away from me...

i never met cory...who is he??...what grade is he in??

thanks for asking about me and jeremy...we're fine...i'm
really happy with him and we haven't gotten in any real big
arguements for a while now...actually we havn't gotten in
any at all for a while...and about that thing that you said how it
was cute that he came to my performance...he's come to the last...
i don't know how many performances of mine..just a fact i
thought you'd like to know...i think that it's really cool
because he's always there for me...i saw him in the back of
the library yesterday holding his thumbs up after like
every song...he's so cute...he had a big smile on his
face...i guess he liked it...

and alysanne is getting really's funny how she
remembered you...i know she's cute...she takes after me...:)

well gotta go...class is over...


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