Baby Story
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2001-12-20 18:38:24 (UTC)

12 wks 2 days

Do you know, that I just realized, that I am in a different time zone
than this diary is??? hahaha.

4 finals down, and 1 to go!!! YIPEEE!!!! I have been drinking decaf
coffee and eating skittles all morning. It sounds good, I eat it. Who
CARES if its healthy, Ill eat healthy for lunch and dinner!!! hehe. I am
wearing a top today that Nelson picked out at motherhood. It is
tan, white, and black striped, and looks amazing on. He has great

Do you know what I read today??? That this week, the baby PEES
inside of me. Isn't that an odd thought? I mean, it doesnt hurt me
or anything, but STILL!!! hehe. I wonder if its a boy or a girl. Part
of me really thinks its a boy for some reason. I won't be
disappointed either way!

My Communications teacher gave me an extension on the term
paper, which is going to be due tomorrow, so I really need to finish
it up. Hope everyone is having a great day!!!