2001-12-20 18:28:07 (UTC)

yeah i havent written in a..

yeah i havent written in a while im not dead. a lot has
been going on. and its almost christmas and im so excited
about that. christmas is so fun, although the shopping
aspect of it sucks a lot. but what can you do it has to be
done. and i was finished like weeks ago but i keep having
to take my mom to the mall, even though you cant even see
under our tree anymore, she keeps buying. i swear my mom
has spent enough to send me to college.
but on the better side of it this year marks the first
year in a long time that the tradition of cookie and candy
making comes back to life. its so awesome. and we might go
look at christmas lights around the area. god i feel like
such a kid. i swear i will be 40 years old and still doing
this stuff.