What's up now?
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2001-12-20 17:33:25 (UTC)


Yipppeee!!! I'm going home!!! I'm very excited, if you
couldnt tell :) Its been nice being here all alone, but
I'm ready to back in the swing of things :) Sucks though
because I have a lot of cleaning to do, like my fridge
still needs to defrost,and I have to pack and clean and
stuff...oh well I suposse the fridge thing cant take that
long, right? And the rest os just normal cleaning and
packing....but they shut off our heat today, and with my
freezer all open and stuff, its colder than usual
today...well I'm off to get stuff all organized and
stuff!!! I'll see everyone VERY soon....Happy Holidays and
Happy New Years and stuff...Call me because you know I miss

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