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2001-12-20 17:23:23 (UTC)

prom 2001

its only a few hours to prom.

i kinda like have envisioned prom for so long and now that
its here, its kinda weird. and i have to admit it,

haha. come to think of it i was like planning prom for
eons. i had envisioned me wearing tt pseudo angel white
dress tt i saw in paragon complete with wings and a wand.
then shed be wearing god know what and we'll be matching
matching. and then it will be all so sappy. throw in a
white rose or two and make my day kinda thing. but look
what it turned out to now. its okay lah actually when u
think of it. its thin nis, thin. the line that separates
reality from fantasy is THIN.
but on another note its sad. my whole big a bubble pricked.
ah. whatever.

besides, im scrappin all the plans i had.. i just hope i
wont look too out of place. i think, good god, pls dont
turn me out into a minah with my outfit.

its okaylah. goin alone to prom with a broken heart worn on
a sling. i will try to look as if i have moved on. and nis,
remember to smile. be brave.
remember tt now u cant do anything shld anything happens.
shes gone. not yours. so deal with it.

just be smile and if happiness beckons her, u have to be

its only prom. wear the broken heart with pride.


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