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2001-12-20 16:23:24 (UTC)

Sick Day

I'm home from school again, I was so tired this morning,
and felt sick so I decided today wasn't a school day
either. I'm going in for preschool later, just relaxing
now. This week has been so rough. My parents can be such
asses, they think their doing the best for me, well their
really aren't. They have no idea whats going on with me,
and how I feel but they think they know everything about

Christmas is only a couple days away, I'm excited. It can
fast this year, doesn't even seem like christmas. There is
so much other stuff going on that I've barely been able to
think of christmas. I still didn't get Joe all his stuff
yet. I'm going Sat. morning, but I'm not sure what I'm
going to get him. Gotta Run,

Merry Christmas

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