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2001-12-20 15:43:01 (UTC)

THREE'S A CROWD..........

Well, last nite turned out to be very eventful. Okay, the
Baldwin vs. Wilkinson Co. game was last nite. Our boys
lost. They should have had that game though. Anyway, after
the game, I went to Wendy's to meet Jacan and Dee. I don't
know what all happened, but to make a long story
short.....Jacan was about to fight and that got the nite
all crunk. The reason I named this entry "3's a crowd" is
because that's how I feel about my friendship with Jacan
and Dee. Like I told Leroy one day.....Dee and Jacan are
better friends than I am with both of them. I feel like I'm
being childish about the whole thing, but it's how I feel.
I can think back on times when there were friendships like
this and they didn't turn out okay. Maybe I'm a fool to be
worried about these kind of things. It's just I take so
much from friendships and when I feel doubt about
them.....I act like this. Like, I'm not even sure I want to
go to the game with Dee. I feel like I'm being used or
something. Just her way to see Derek. Man, I don't know. I
will continue this later............