Anne Fox
2001-12-20 15:10:31 (UTC)


"Sunshine go away today i dont feel much like dancing..."
----Jonathan Edwards, although not the Jonathan Edwards
that wrote "sinners in the hands of an angry god"
Oh to be hungover, i had almost forogotten the joys and
obstacles of waking up still drunk...
and to try and make your head feel better by grabbing that
first beer of the morning, then that rum and orange juice,
then just that rum... here i am at almost 10 am...
i finished all my exams yesterday on which i did
phenomenal, except for calc and english...
last night i ran into lisa and we went over to dave's house
and had a luau in december, ok so it wasnt a luau but we
were drinking margaritas...
allison jones was a total bitch to me last night which
pissed jordan ainsley off...
yesterday i smoked wiht paloma and i really want to hang
out with her in the next few days so i can smoke more...
wiley is getting me more shit today, oh the joys of wiley.
i hope that i get to hang out with his friends tonight AKA
CHRISTIAN MARTENS! the hottest sophomore out of berkeley
so i cant believe that i have to wait until april to hear
from colleges... i like it that im fantasizing about rhodes
and tulane now and not duke anymore, great.
but beale street and bourbon street are hard to come by in
durham nc!
so i think that i like hanging out with the UF kids who are
home more than anyone else in the world!
except for my JORC and several other ORCs throughout the
nation, who i miss so much it makes me cry! i long to hold
them in my arms once more, and recreate that magical night
when i lost my youth not once but twelve times.
and to smoke crack and dance upon the lawns to the beat of
a distant drummer...
and to make out in the bushes while you knew that you were
being locked out of your home so youd have to sleep out in
those bushes all night...
that i why i love the JORC, they understand, they know,
they've been there, they've done that and hell they love me
for who i really am...
i also love them because of the money i see filling up
their bank accounts in the next 5 to 7 years!
i really love them for reasons summed up in two words "uh-
huh yeah" or "make-out parties"
but here i am lonely cold and not getting any in tampa... i
refuse to lower my standards for fat, stupid UF kids! i
honestly didnt even consider getting freaky with one of my
regs last night- and thats saying a lot- andi would not
dare say t hat my hormones have calmed down... they are
definitly still raging- its just my standards are way too
high and the only way to knock them back into their place
is to fall in love- i dont think ill fall in love for quite
some time, i dont even have a pool right now, except my
long distance fuckables!

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