I've Tried so Hard
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2001-12-20 15:01:03 (UTC)

It's been awhile

Well my other website for a diary is messed up.This will do
until that is fixed.Right now I am tech lit.I seriously
think this class is so gay,but I get to get online.

I really wish people at school would mind there own
buisness.I can't believe someone told their mom about me and
Terry.I love him so much.I do not regret having sex with
him.I seriously want to be with him forever and ever and

I can't believe we lost our first game!I didn't even get to
play!I hate coach sometimes.I work my ass off and the
startersjust hang out in practice and get to play so much!It
isn't fair,but life isn't fair. If it was fair I would be
able to see Terry alone. My dad is so rude.All he cares
about is himself.My mom even said so.He won't even let me go
to bowling this Saturday.At least he finally let Terry come
up to our house.

I miss Javita so much.I want her to move back.I talked to
her last night and I was telling her about Terry and me.She
is seriously the only one I can tell secrets to because she
is the ONLY one I can trust,besides Terry.Terry and I were
talking about what would happen when he graduates and
houseing problems.Shit bell is going to ring I'll write

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