Polikjum Thingy
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2001-12-20 13:58:01 (UTC)



The house looks like Santa threw up. Christmas stuff
everywhere! YAY! I had no idea we had this much stuff.
I've been poking and shaking presents and I think I have
about half figured out. Im such a poop. Heehee. I like
being surprised, but I also wanna know what I got! I got
the most stuff ::evil giggle:: I'm SO the favorite. Heehee
Oh! I dunno if I mentioned it before, but like a month ago
Bill hit a deer. Actually, a deer hit His car. Ran right
into it! There's a monster dent in his door too. Anyways,
his insurance company FINALLY OK'd the cost of repairs.
$1050 for a "used" door! Can you believe that? I nearly
peed myself. He's so glad the insurance co. is covering all
of it. Geez... I'd be screwed if that were me. LOL I'd have
a dented door for awhile. LOL He's really bummed since his
car will be gone for over a week. Poor dude. He's gotta
drive his mom's car now. ::points and laughs at him::
Aiden just loves the Christmas tree. He'll just stand there
(yeap! Stand! YAY!) staring at it for like an hour. Really
odd for this kid to look at/do anything for more than 2
minutes. Heh. It is rather cool though... our tree spins
and stuff and with the lights and all the ornaments, well
it's easy to just sit there staring for awhile drooling on
My mom was able to talk my aunt into coming with us to my
aunt's house on Christmas. ::sarcastic:: Yay. HOPEfully, my
aunt Marianne will tell everyone NOT to talk to her. LOL I
don't need to spend another holiday/gathering with her
badmouthing or bitching about my uncle. Sheesh... She was
like "I don't know if I'll go..." and she's already gotten
gifts for all my cousins and such. LOL She's such a loon.

And now... for a funny:

These 2 little boys are sitting in the living room, watching
TV with their parents. The mother looks over at the father
with a wink and a nod toward the stairs to the bedroom. The
father "gets" the message, and they both get up and head
towards the stairs. The mother turns back to the 2 boys and
says, "We're going upstairs for a minute. You two stay here
and watch TV. We'll be right back, Ok?" The two boys nod
OK, and the parents take off upstairs.

The oldest of the two boys is old enough to know what's
going on now, and he gets up and tiptoes upstairs. At the
top of the stairs, he peeks into the room and shakes his
head disapprovingly. Back downstairs he goes,back to his
little brother.

"Come with me," he says, and the 2 little boys tiptoe up
the stairs. Halfway up, the older brother turns to the
younger brother and says, "Now I want you to keep in mind,
this is the same woman who used to bust our ass for sucking
our thumb..."

::walks away eating cookies::