2001-12-20 13:57:32 (UTC)

Part Two- The Journey

I wrote about Part One of the Journey already.
Here is part two.

Every day, Honey-Bear and I get closer and closer.
We are drawn together. We are now going to let this evolve in a real relationship. I am glad.

We miss each other. Neither of us will allow each other to see each other cry when we are not with each other and alone.

We count the days when we will see each other.
When I get back on the metra train. We do want to start crying but hold back.

Marriage is talked about. But neither of us are going to take that step. Divorce has hurt us.
So we are settled on living together eventually.
A marriage without the legal bullshit.

We have a peaceful co-existence. I think my family will like him. If they are so fortunate to meet him. My daughter will bond to him.

Somehow, someway, the Lord plans for us to meet.
And he is allowing us to take it to the next step.

I want to take us back down south to Alabama.
I have friends in Huntsville. Rodger and Leann.

The only thing I have to do is bring Honey into
the Catholic church. Then maybe, I can take it to the next step. One step at a time.

Thank you Jesus and Fate and Destiny for allowing us to meet and love each other.

Love, American Irish Rose,
-Karissa Anne-