De-Tet-aCh Memoir
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2001-12-20 13:40:49 (UTC)

Christmas Shopping

Thursday 20/12/01

Went christmas shopping today... david called in the we met for lunch..after his gym session..
caught up with him ...apparantly it's really hard to get a
job this he's jus bummin around.. he's plannin
to do a double major in mathematics next thats
good..admire them that their degree is so flexible..i cant
imagine myself doin anythin more than our major already...

then went around town shopping for gifts for a few
people..gotta get something for luke's folks still
thinkin what to get... walked around in the rain..sighz...
what kindof summer is this?? juz when the weather got
warm..the cold front seem to come again..sheesh.... i was
really tired in the cut the shopping and went

popped over to luke's to settle my ferryt tickt...and
peter's got a gift..a ferrari racing wheel for his
computer!! awesome!! we played colin mcrae's racing game...
good stuff there...complete with accelerator and brakes...

watched lotsa TV when i got back.. caught an episode of The
Practice..havbent watched that for ages...i can still
remember watchin some episodes wit Boon Kiat last
semester...and discussin em with him..heheh.. lotsa stuff
to catch up when i get back...

Nai came back later..she was really tired..we watched more
TV : P:..then popped over to our new place for a tour...the
new place is huge!! it;s like a maze in there i swear...the
rooms were huge's gonna be cold there : (
but who's to complain?? it's darn good!! cheers to Nai for
seekin out that place : )

tomoro we'll be cleanin up the new place and start to shift
in...gosh...still have those gifts to buy... hope there's