Green Dolphin

Green Dolphin
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2001-12-20 11:47:02 (UTC)


what is healthy? she wants so badly to become healthy. if
she was a normal healthy woman, would she be a soccer mom?
why does she hate the word woman so much? it just dosn't
feel nice in her mouth. the word woman just means lesbian
in her language. and that makes her sick, ripping out her
tongue. she hates lesbians, or the idea of being one. or
of one liking her. they can do there thing as long as they
don;t bother her. she hates the word woman because she was
one once. she liked a woman once. she liked her that
special way and it made her feel good. now she feels sick
and she wants it out of her and she wants to be cleansed of
that sick nasty feeling that grew inside of her. she
dosn't ever want to see a woman like that again or imagine
those feminine legs around her neck or that dress coming
off for her. she feel so wrong and gross and wants to burn
it all out, how could she of liked a woman??? she dosn't
want to be a woman. she wants to be a girl. she wants to
be a lady. a female. but
healthy is, it is being happy and self-sufficient with
lots of friends around you who don't want to her about your
past, who just want to help you achieve your future.
people that wount drag you down. being healthy is being
happy and going with the flow of life.
if she were unhealthy, she would be a fat woman in a
bright purple dress. her face would be a different tone
than her face because she wears so much make up. her lips
would be to bright and her blush would look like two red
bruises on her cheeks. her glasses would be too big for
her face. she would smell strongly of perfume and she
would groan sitting down. she would cheat and lie and
steal and be mean. she would be a b.i.t.c.h. she would
never say the right thing and she would seem nice, but if
you would look below that layer of makeup, you would see
the true mean woman that lives inside. that is unhealthy.
she is healthy, and she is getting there. she will never
be a soccer mom or a woman. she will be a lady and she
will fall in love with the greatest man alive, and he(the
old guy in her life) will slip through the cracks of her
mind and this new guy will be greater than he could ever
be. love will fill her life and she will never be alone
again and she will never need anyone too make her feel
special again. she will never need to spill her life for a
friend again. she is strong and she is a girl, a lady, a
female. she isn't strong like a man. she has a little
muscle in her body and she uses it and it makes her
strong. her brain is strong, her heart is strong. she
will never fail again.