Dave's Mental Meanderings
2001-12-20 10:20:47 (UTC)


Being that I am a person who spends much of his free time
in solitude, I tend not to get into many sticky situations
where my actions would affect many other people. However,
I currenty find myself in quite an intersting dilemma. As
is the case in all dilemmas, I must now make a choice -
which way do I go? If it was simply a matter of right vs.
wrong, my decision would be made for me. However, as is
often true, such is not the case. Although one course of
action may be right for me, it is invariably wrong for at
least one party involved, and the same holds true for
something that is wrong for me. So, it comes down to a
question of basic morality. However, such questions are
never easy to answer. Well, I'll rephrase that. Such
questions are always easy to answer, but never easy to act
on. In other words, a person can always tell what he
should do, but the tough decision comes when he must choose
whether or not to do what he is supposed to do. Although
the "high road", as I call it as of right now, is the
morally right thing to do, it isn't always the choice that
would satisfy me the most. So.... what do I do? Do I hold
firm to what I believe is right? Or do I convince myself
that the other option is best?

At this point, you're certainly wondering what specific
dilemma I'm tangled up in. Well, in my opinion, that
doesn't really matter. Plus, I don't feel like sharing my
problems with you, chances are I don't even know you. If
you're one of my friends and you're reading this, that's
all the more reason for me not to tell you, because you'd
probably have a very biased opinion on the matter, being
that you probably know the identities of most of the people

So I'll just say this - I'm taking the high road... for now.