Evil Elvis
2001-12-20 09:31:30 (UTC)


Nah, not really, I'm actually not feeling anything towards
Xmas this year, just looking forward to having some time
off work..been working like a dog, when I should really be
sleeping like a log!

Anyway, I relented to festive pressures last night and
finally put my Xmas tree up....I must say it did make me
feel far more Christmas-y, so that's probably a good
thing..peace on earth and goodwill to all men (and some
women..and all that!!)

Otherwise, life mosies along in much the same way as
recently...still no love life to mention, work still wears
me out, cash is tight and other things too.

Anyway, this sounds kinda negative, when I'm not really at
all...I'm really in a very neutral position at the moment,
I'm just very "MEH" about everything....think I really need
a holiday....

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