words better left unsaid
2001-12-20 08:44:33 (UTC)


1 am, 2 am, 3 am, Can't sleep... can't sleep...3:30am.
I guess by now you know my problem. I can not sleep!! I
have taken benadryl.. 2 of them. still..nada. I even woke
up early today. *SIGH*

So here is my pointless rambelings of 3:30 am.. im
bored, and NOT tired, I miss my boyfriend, I miss all my
friends from school, and im stuck at home with nothing to
do... this sucks. And.. the silence around here is soo loud
it makes my ears bleed! Earlier I thought that I heard
someone trying to break into my house.. wonder if I need my
meds again? I thought I was going to poop! I got really
scared and started looking for a place to hide. maybe I do
need them again? My dr was not happy when I quit taking
them... I wonder if anyone actually reads this???
Hellooo oo oo oo?? Is anyone there... ere... ere??
geez im dumb at night. If someone is reading
this.. I can imagine what you are thinking. maybe I will
write you a story one day. Would you like that? hee hee..
who am I kidding.. if anyone was reading this to begin with
im sure they quit reading by now.....then who am I talking
to?? oh man.. im psyco. Later!