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2001-04-07 22:43:49 (UTC)

WHY verse:You went out one..


verse:You went out one night
Expecting to have some fun
And you went out that night
Not trying to hurt someone

But you helped yourself
Just trying to be cool
You were really helping yourself
Act more like a fool

refrain:Why didn't I...
Hold your hand
Help you stand
Know that there was more that I could do

Why didn't you...
Use your head
Hear what I said
Why didn't you?

verse:I should've tried to stop you
I should've drove you home
But you swore that you could do it
So I left you alone

There are so many "I should've"'s
There are so many regrets
I wish I could've helped you
Now I'm the one in debt


verse:On that night of tragedy
You were acting oh so fake
And now you've lost your life
Because of one mistake

But you are not the only one
Who lost a life that night
It seems that I have lost one too
Cuz I knew that I was right


verse:I hope God doesn't judge you
For one small and selfish task
But the first time that you did it
Was your first time and your last

Couldn't you just have fun
By being with your friends?
Why did all your fun
Have to cause your life to end?


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